Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We've Set a Record!

... but not in a good way. It's April 18, 2018, and we're STILL not open. That means we've officially set a record for a late opening, and we don't quite know when that will be. Here's a picture of the first tee at Victoria Park East, taken this morning at about 9:15.
As you can see, the ground is still covered with that crusty, crappy, icy snow that came down hard last weekend. But today promises to bring some melting temperatures; and believe it or not, we're aiming to have something open by Sunday April 22nd. Maybe 9 holes, maybe 18, maybe all greens or maybe not. Maybe carts will be out or maybe not. Maybe maybe maybe. It's frustrating as hell.
Usually, we're open by the first week in April; and sure, there have been years when we open early, then a week later it snows and we have to close for a few days.
By the way, the last time I used the same post title as above was in 2012, but for a very different type of record. Check it out here:

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  1. That was very mean John to post that link to 2012, as I sit in my basement looking at all the ice/snow and the dust on my golf clubs.