Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodbye, 2010 Season

I couldn't resist. One of our members emailed me this comic. Of course, it's a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm often surprised at the number of golfers that play in horrible conditions. And that's OK, God bless 'em!
For example, yesterday was our final day of golf here at Victoria Park East, and we had between 30 and 40 players. The weather was actually great in the morning, but just before noon a cold north wind picked up and it was brutal (I made the comment that "it's so windy, you can start at our course and finish at another one!")

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What The...

And can anybody tell me how to get rid of those annoying "hover" ads that have suddenly appeared, on certain key words in my posts? I can't seem to find a setting anywhere (but I'll keep looking). I certainly wasn't aware that this would happen.

Looks Like It's It's Almost Time

It's Sunday morning, November 21st, and I'm watching a few flakes of snow hit the ground. So we'll probably pull the pins on the 2010 season this week, as the long-range forecast calls for colder weather and some snow.
I've been, well, somewhat lax in posting on my blog. Not because I didn't want to - there's lots to post about - but because time flies. So often, I've sat down to post, and got interrupted, and never got back to it. Excuses, excuses... time to look ahead.
Some interesting points I'll cover in the next few days:

-Q-School 2nd stage is on, and my cousin Bryan DeCorso is playing in it. Best of luck, Bryan!
-The 2010 golf season had it's highs and lows: the tournament business rebounded modestly, but public play stayed fairly flat. I've talked to a few other golf course owners who've reported the same results
-Looking ahead to the 2011 season, we've decided to offer more membership options in the "Intermediate" category (ages 19-45) to try and entice some more members in this age group
-The HST pissed everybody off, but we didn't experience the hit that we had anticipated
-Our new golf course, Victoria Park Valley, has been put to bed for the winter, and work will resume in the spring. 17 of 27 holes have been seeded.
-I've had some great comments from our members this year, both positive and negative. We like to hear these comments, because we understand that there's always room for improvement. Within reason, we can always make effective change.

Looking forward to posting more in the near future.