Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Walking Tours

We've started a series of organized, guided Walking Tours at our new golf course, Victoria Park Valley. The first one was on Sept. 20th, and we had about 20 participants. It's a great way for future customers to get a "feel" for this new course.

Here are the rest of the dates and times:

Friday Sept. 30, 11am and 3pm; Sunday Oct. 2 at 1pm, and the last one will be on Saturday Oct. 8 at 1pm. The tour lasts about an hour. If you are interested in joining one of these tours, please RSVP via email to

For more details, where we meet, etc. please click this link:

Friday, September 16, 2011

More on Quibids

So, curiosity got the better of me and I signed-up on
I bought the requisite minimum Bid Pack for $60, which give me the opportunity to bid 100 times. They also throw a few "bonus" bids to you for signing up.
Right away, I noticed that the Canadian site does not have golf clubs... at least not yet. The big ticket items are ipads, digital cameras, $200 store gift cards, and Kuerig coffee machines. Otherwise, you're looking at a smattering of small-ticket items like memory cards, gift cards, electric shavers, and a few other things not worth mentioning. You can also bid on "Bid Cards"... I saw, for example, a 100-bid card sell for $1.28. If you win, it becomes a cheap way to buy more bids.
Anyways, as predicted, it didn't take me long to burn through my 100 bids - I was after a digital camera, and got into a vicious bidding war during the last 10 seconds (as I mentioned in a previous post, if someone bids withing the last 10 seconds, they add 10 seconds again to the clock).
I don't believe Quibids - or any "penny auction" site, there's a few of them - should be allowed to call themselves an "Auction Site", because it's really a form of gambling. Think of it like this: you're buying casino credits to spend on a game of chance, in the hope of winning something.

New Victoria Park Valley Website

Our new golf course, Victoria Park Valley, is on track to open in the spring. We've finally got a dedicated website up and running:

We're still tweaking it, but there's some good info and pics there to view.

I added the "FAQ's" on the homepage to address some typical questions that we keep getting.

One thing we always seem to be battling is the Rumour Mill, like "I heard you guys are closing."

The East course is definitely NOT closing, we're very much in business and will continue to be in business.

And, that's a revised logo above for the Valley course.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wow, What a Deal!

**Disclaimer: this post is neither an endorsement nor a criticism of Quibids***

This certainly caught my eye! You've probably seen this banner ad as well, it's all over the 'net right now, for an "auction" house called They're also running some TV ads. Anyways... a set of Burner 2.0 irons for $40.99. Huh?
I checked it out and read all the details about Quibid. In a nutshell: you don't just sign-up to their site and start bidding, like you would on Ebay, for example. You actually "buy" bids for 60 cents each, and when you bid on an item, the items price goes up in increments of a penny. So, every time you bid on something, it costs you 60 cents. Plus, when the auction clock runs down, and you place a last-second bid, they add 10 seconds to clock... so you can be involved in an avalanche of "last-second" bids if you're bidding against a bunch of people for the same item!
So, back to the irons... at $40.99, that means that 4,099 people kicked in 60 cents a bid in their attempt to win these irons. When you do the math, multiply the two and Quibids got $2,459.40 for this set of irons (plus the winning bid of $40.99)!!!
Of course, you have to realize that Quibids is a business, with staff, overhead, lots of bandwidth charges, etc. and they have a lot of "small potato" auctions that probably just break even for them. But still... a good haul for a $700 retail set of irons!