Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Didn't We...

keep the golf course open? El Nino is certainly having an effect on our weather, as we begin the first days of winter. We officially closed our golf courses on November 18, taking advantage of some decent conditions to get the winterizing program done before the inevitable snowfall. Well, most of you know what happened: the temperature stayed mild, sometimes in the low double-digits. Of course, the phone started ringing.
But with the winterizing done, it wouldn't be wise to open the greens again. So we opened our "temporary holes" and saw a bit of action; however, most golfers want to putt on greens, and not just whack a ball around. Oh, well. If we had a better crystal ball - or, believed unconditionally in the 14-day trend from The Weather Network - then keeping the whole course open MIGHT have happened. Have a look at this current 14-day trend. Crazy!

Okay, So They're THAT Good!

Like most of you, once in a blue moon I do something on the golf course that makes love the game all over again. Like drain a putt farther than 20 feet from the hole. Or stick it to within a foot on a par 3. Or get a birdie! Have a look at these top shot from the Pros for 2015:
Top 10 PGA Tour Shots of the Year