Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's About Time... I Guess!

After a rather extended delay, it looks like development of the old Victoria Park West lands is finally under way. This picture, taken on Thursday October 13th, is looking west from Victoria Rd., just near the entrance to the property. In the background, the bigger building was the residence and apartments, and the building on the right way the Pro Shop and Snack Bar. Since Thursday, both buildings have been demolished. The old 11th green would have been in the foreground left, and the 12th tee to the right.

Ted DeCorso sold the property to Country Green Homes in 2012, and since then a sign was up to advertise the development, but nothing was happening. I'm not privy to the details, so I'm not going to guess what prompted the delay. However, since the earthmoving started a few weeks ago, the development has been rebranded and is now called "Royal Valley at Victoria Park by Mikmada Homes".

You can probably see the confusion this is going to cause some people, who have been around long enough and were familiar with Victoria Park West up until the time it closed: the similarity in the development's new name with our newer golf course Victoria Park Valley might lead to the conclusion that they (we) are linked. A Google search for Victoria Park Valley Golf Club may very well return Royal Valley at Victoria Park as a result. Or, vice-versa.

Let me categorically state: the DeCorso family and Victoria Park Golf Club are entirely separate from, and have no stake or vested interest in, the Royal Valley at Victoria Park development. Well, maybe we'll score a few Google hits out of it!