Friday, August 31, 2012

The "August Shuffle"

It was quite a week here at Victoria Park East.
Usually, we aerate our green during the Monday and Tuesday of the last week of August; but this year, David DeCorso engineered what I would like to call a "surgical strike" of aerating - with all his staff on board and some help from a local company, he managed to aerate all the greens, fairways, and tees in a 3-day period! Talk about cracking the whip! So the inconvenience to golfers is minimized. In the past, fairways would have been done some time in September, and tees after that. The aerating bonanza moves over to our new Victoria Park Valley on September 4th. Here's one of the crew (actually that's my son Alex), cleaning up around the freshly-aerated 1st tee.

This is also the last day of our successful string of Junior Camps. Gordon Crossman can now relax a bit, and get ready for his fall lesson schedule (it's never too late in the season for golf lessons!).
Also at this time of year, some of our staff head back to college or university, and so it becomes a bit of a challenge for us to maintain a balanced schedule. September is our second-busiest month for tournaments and events; but the shorter days can work in our favour, in terms of staffing all of our departments.
And of course, the 2012 PGA Tour calendar is almost on its last page, with 3 more playoff events and 6 more tournaments to round out the year. Saskatchewan's Graham Delaet's exciting finish at last weeks' Barclay's vaulted him, like, 60 spots up the FedEx Cup standings, so that was great to see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him to have a great finish this season.
                                                      Graham Delaet

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 Club Championships!

On the Civic  holiday long-weekend of Saturday August 4 to Monday August 6, Victoria Park East held its annual Club Championships. We had a great turn-out this year with the most people in attendance ever! With members bringing their spouses and children, it was a great weekend overall! The weather couldn't have been better for our players as we had a hot one on the Saturday and bringing the tournament to an end on the Monday with a tad cooler temperatures. A big thank-you goes out to all those who participated in the tournament and to our sponsors Wally Escott and Sandy Ferguson of Speedpro Imaging.  Congratulations to this years Club Champion, Dennis Back and Ladies Club Champion, Lori Bishenden!  Looking forward to next year!