Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grow Grass Grow

Construction continues full-tilt on the new Victoria Park Valley Golf Club.
The first pic below shows the venerable Luigi Bonaldo doing some siding work on the pumphouse, which should be up and running in a week or so (waiting on Guelph Hydro to hook up the 3-phase service).
In the second pic, you can see that the fairway has been seeded with the now-common "spray-down" material that is being used to broadcast-spread turf.

This is hole A7.
The A holes are being seeded first (haha, I just realized how funny that sounds!)
More to come soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weir & Woods

OK, so I stand corrected. Tiger Woods is no longer married, and he didn't win the two majors that I'd predicted he would, in a previous post.

The suddenness and finality of the divorce was surprising to many, it seems. But in retrospect, this (divorce) may have been the most logical thing to do: Elin can now separate herself - as best as she can - from the whole messy business, but having the children will still mean that Tiger will be in the picture. And Tiger... well, there's still a lot of golf left in him. It will be interesting to see what 2011 brings.

As for Mike Weir, it looks like ligament damage in his right elbow means an early wrap-up to a (somewhat) disappointing season. Interesting article here by the Montreal Gazette's Randy Phillips: http://bit.ly/9Da4mj

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Golf Course On The Way!

Construction began this summer on Victoria Park Valley, a 27-hole executive-length golf course located about 4 kms. south of Victoria Park East, the the north-east corner of Maltby Rd. and Victoria Rd. South in Puslinch Township.

This project is a co-venture with Victoria Park East and West, and it will replace the West course, which is slated to close at the end of the 2011 golf season (the West course property will be developed into a residential site). So, if everything goes according to plan, Victoria Park Valley will open for business in Spring 2012.

The picture above is looking west towards Victoria Rd. Construction has been progressing very well since the late spring, and project manager David DeCorso has been expertly juggling this project, as well as the constant demands of the East course. Here's an interesting picture of David, checking out a major vein of sand that was discovered on the property:

The golf course was designed by Scott Covell, and most of the property's natural features were incorporated into the plan. Very little earth-moving had to be done. The landscape is excellently suited to a links-style layout.

At this point (August 24th) most of the "A9" holes are shaped and top-soiled, and are ready to be seeded. I'll update with more pics as the projects continues. We're very excited about this, and anticipate that it will be a great fit for area golfers who enjoy a shorter-length golf course.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Back on the Wagon

Time flies when you're having fun... or having fun being busy! June and July went by like a blur, and here we are in August, staring at the down-slope of the 2010 golf season.
Pardon my absense from the blog-o-sphere; I did miss posting stuff during the last month or so. Jane and I were in Italy for our 25th anniversary during the first half of July - fantastic! It was our first time in Italy, and we enjoyed it tremedously, despite the heat (and I mean, HEAT). And of course it took me two weeks to get caught-up and get my head back into the golf business here at Victoria Park East.

So, more posts coming, there's some interesting news and info to pass along - especially with our new executive golf course now under construction!

Here's a small Guelph Mercury article from last week, quoting a couple of us local golf course owners about the state of the biz up 'til now: